Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

The Ravens have a short week this week, as they play the Falcons on Thursday night. In this video, Goob discusses Matt Ryan’s millions, Joe Flacco’s success and how stupid it is to play another game after only four days of rest. Stay tuned as brings you unique coverage of the next two away [...]

Ed Reed picked off his third pass in just two games in 2010 against Miami on Sunday, but he owes a debt of gratitude to Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall for an assist on the interception. With just over six minutes remaining and the Ravens holding a 23-10 lead, quarterback Chad Henne tried to hit Marshall [...]

Sure, Ray Rice was never “gone,” per se, nor has he missed any significant time with injuries, but the 2010 Ray Rice had, through seven games, looked a bit different from the 2009 version.  Due mostly in part to opposing defenses scheming heavily to stop him (but also some other factors, such as too much [...]

This is pretty bad.  Tony Sparano says he’s sending his “evidence” to the league office.  When the NFL sees this, they’ll likely have little choice but to suspend McClain for a game.  The Ravens don’t have another fullback on the roster, so the offense will have their work cut out for them that week. More [...]

Our roving reporter, Goob, brings us some instant reaction from “Fins Fans” after the 26-10 Ravens victory yesterday.

Greetings from sunny Florida, Nestgoers. I’m on a mini-vacation down in Ft. Myers for a friend’s wedding, so this week’s game preview will be a bit on the short side. If you’re hankerin’ for more Nest goodness though, don’t forget to check out Goob’s pregame video. The Miami Dolphins bring their spotless 2010 road record [...]

Goob’s weekly preview is back with a look at the Miami Dolphins (4-3). These videos being made have been blowing up all over popular message boards and has even caught the eye of Miami Dolphins Head Coach, Tony Sparano. Please buckle in and get all the necessary information about this weeks upcoming matchup. There may [...]

I discovered something while researching this Miami Dolphins version of our regular Lookalikes! series. In addition to leading the NFL in road winning percentage, the ‘phins lead the league in two other very important categories: 1. Players with dreadlocks; 2. Players with a face only a mother could love. Seriously, these are some ugly mofos. [...]

“Hey look…I’m doing an impression of myself… I’m an ASS!” Some of the very moves that made Brad Childress a “hero” in Minnesota last season have backfired TERRIBLY this year. Of course, there is no need to elaborate on what Brett Favre did for his job security last year and how much he has ruined [...]

Greetings, Nestgoers. For the second straight year, B’More Birds’ Nest has been nominated in “The Mobbies,” the Baltimore Sun’s awards for Outstanding Blogs in Maryland. We are nominated in the “Ravens” and “Sports” categories. Someone also threw our hat into the ring in the “Orioles” category, but we have no illusions about being the best [...]