Saturday, April 18th, 2015

He’s Baaaaaaack – “All da Refs are Rooneys!”


Remember our Squealer-hating Philly fan?

Well, he’s back again with another video (YESSSSS!)  This time, he not only again says the Steelers win every game because of the refs and hates on everyone in Pittsburgh, but he also predicts a Ravens blowout on Sunday night and a Ravens-Eagles Super Bowl.

My favorite curmudgeon of all-time.


3 Responses to “He’s Baaaaaaack – “All da Refs are Rooneys!””
  1. Bob says:

    I love that guy

  2. It’s like seeing my reflection in the mirror in 50 years

  3. I never use to care too much about hating on the steelers, but after this general know it all eagles fan convinced me to join the band waggon. I now know three things, The fix is in, all eagles fans are chick magnets, and pittsburgh is a cold miserable shity city.

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