Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Goob on WNST with Rex Snider and Kazy Brown


Yesterday on WNST, Kazy Brown from West Wing Los Angeles, a Ravens group of ~250 people in L.A., was in studio with Rex Snyder. If you’ve watched Goob’s Ultimate Displaced Fan Video, you know about his story and setting up a similar group in North Carolina.

Goob met Kazy last week tailgating for the Saints game (4:35 of the video) and was very impressed at the success of his group. Giving props where they are due, Goob called in and congratulated Kazy on his success and also answered some of Rex’s questions about being a displaced fan.

Listen in:

Goob on WNST
(File should open with iTunes, RealPlayer, Quiktime, etc.)

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