Friday, March 27th, 2015

Remember our Squealer-hating Philly fan? Well, he’s back again with another video (YESSSSS!)  This time, he not only again says the Steelers win every game because of the refs and hates on everyone in Pittsburgh, but he also predicts a Ravens blowout on Sunday night and a Ravens-Eagles Super Bowl. My favorite curmudgeon of all-time.

Guess who former Steeeler and full-time towel-waver Merril Hoge picked this week! As for Adam Schefter…well, judging by his record, I’d say he just enjoys being wrong.

The Pittsburgh Steelers bring their 8-3 record into town this week looking to take control of the AFC North from the Ravens, and – despite what may be best for my mental and cardiovascular health – I’m going to be parked in front of the tv for the game. Popular hyperbole is that you can [...]

Goob is back in front of the green screen this week, to give us his take on all things Ravens-Steelers. Stop trying to give us towels, Ravens PR dept. Jeff Reed isn’t on the team any more but…f that guy James Harrison gets a lot of fines Ray Lewis for Old Spice > Troy Polamalu [...]

Some people are less than convinced of Ed Reed’s dominance over Troy Polamalu after hearing it from Deion Sanders the other day, saying that Sanders is biased because he played for the Ravens, or because of his friendship with Ray Lewis, or blah blah blah. Fine, don’t believe “Prime Time?” Take it from “Goob Tube:”