Sunday, March 29th, 2015

There are no words.  I’ll let James Van Der Beek take you through today’s roller coaster of emotions for Ravens fans… Pre-game: First Half: Halftime: 3rd quarter: 4th quarter: Now:

Here we go again. For the second time in three years, either the Ravens will have their season ended at the hands of their most hated rivals…or vice versa. It might be a smidgen less stressful on some levels than the 2008 AFC Championship game – the winner doesn’t go directly to the Super Bowl, [...]

Thursday Night, Nestminder and Goob joined up with fellow Ravens blogger Phil from I Hate J.J. Redick to go up against enemy bloggers Ian and Cory from Steelers n’ At and Three Rivers Burgh Blog, respectively, to discuss Ravens-Steelers and the rest of Divisional Playoff Weekend. We talked keys to Saturday’s game, Ravens/Steelers strengths and [...]

Just saw this on Deadspin. Sure, the guy in the video can only be definitively identified as a Pittsburgh PENGUINS fan…but all Penguins fans are also Steelers fans, right? This is a safe assumption, I believe. And hell “Baltimore’s” hockey team, the Washington Capitals, have already won at Heinz Field in 2011, having won the [...]

Even after already having graced us with three hate-filled Steelers videos already this season, Goob Theoharris still has plenty of vitriol left for Round 3 between these two heavyweights. From Terry Bradshaw and Merrill Hoge to “displaced” Steelers fans and Big Ben’s so-called “engagement,” our resident Woody Harrelson lookalike is hitting on all cylinders this [...]

On last night’s “Tosh.0″ on Comedy Central, Daniel Tosh had Antoine Dodson (the “they rapin’ errybody” guy) on for his “web redemption” segment. In the clip – which is filled with rapey innuendo and intended for mature audiences – Tosh and Dodson get a nice dig in on Squealers’ quarterback “Pig” Ben Roethlisberger. The whole [...]

If that title sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same one I used for THIS game. The Ravens’ 30-7 win over the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday was eerily reminiscent of the Ravens’ 27-9 win over the Miami Dolphins in the 2008 Wild Card game. As shown in the above graphic, taken from the CBS broadcast [...]


First things first. With reports coming out Friday evening that Ed Reed’s brother is missing in Louisiana, after apparently jumping into the Mississippi River to elude police, the All-Pro safety’s status for Sunday was suddenly very much up in the air. Around 1 PM Saturday though, it was reported that Reed WILL PLAY Sunday. Our [...]

In case you missed it (you probably did – who’s up at 8 AM on a Saturday?), your favorite bloggers were on ESPN Radio 1300 this morning on the “Jimmie Knows” show. Listen below as NestMinder, Goob, and Nick-a-What offer our opinions on the Ravens-Chiefs game including final score predictions. Bmorebirdsnest on ESPN Radio This [...]