Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Luke Scott Gives Josh Beckett a Tour of Eutaw Street


LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE took Josh Beckett 424 feet deep last night (see it here), becoming the first batter to reach Eutaw Street since…well, since the last time he did it, back in 2009.

The last person to do it before that? That’s right, Mr. Gun-totin’ Ricky Redneck himself, Luke Scott.

Scott has hit the last three Eutaw Street home runs, and is now tied with Rafael Palmeiro for the all-time lead with five.

Luke flipped his bat and admired his shot (deservedly so, I might add), actions that Josh Beckett got his little huka shell/hemp necklace all in a knot about.  Beckett glared at Scott as he rounded the basis, and reportedly shouted at the Orioles’ dugout.

Sounds like some crying in his Dunkin’ Donuts to me.

Luke would later pop out, prompting this suggestion from yours truly:

The O’s go for the sweep of the Sawx tonight, as Brad Bergesen takes on Jon Lester.

h/t to Roar from 34 on this post

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