Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

I can’t take credit for that slogan.  The first person I saw use it was @QweenofDiamonds on twitter (who blogs on the O’s at the awesome I Hate JJ Redick). I’m happy to jump on board though. As any long-time reader knows, we are 100% Team Reimold here at the Nest. While Nolan had a [...]

May 26, and the O’s are at .500, thanks to some late inning heroics by Vlad Guerrero and Robert Andino (no thanks to Luke Scott or Matt Wieters). And of course, Nolan Reimold – but he deserves his own post a bit later today.

Once again, the Birds are faced with the reality of life without their leadoff hitter, Brian Roberts. While hopefully his absence will not be nearly as prolonged as it was in 2010, when he played just 59 games, Roberts is out for at least the next three weeks due to concussion-like symptoms. This leaves the [...]

Today, 27 Ravens gathered at Towson University to hold a players’ practice. Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun, comes a video from this morning of Ravens’ WR Derrick Mason addressing some comments that Ray Lewis (who was not present at Towson) made to ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Lewis predicted [...]

For those of you who didn’t do so hot on the English portion of your SAT’s, all I’m saying with that title is that Ed Reed is to “Don’t Throw the football,” as Matt Wieters is now to “Don’t Try to Steal a Base.” In case you forgot, here’s a segment from NFL Network with [...]

The weekend started off quite horribly in Birdland. While a sweep of the lowly Nationals didn’t seem like too much to ask for after frustrating losses at the hands of the Yankees and Red Sox, any hopes of a 3-win weekend were quickly dashed Friday night. Washington set new team records by scoring 17 runs [...]

In an interview with B The Site published today, Mark Teixeria talks about Baltimore, his free agent courting, and crab cakes. The most interesting part of the interview, for me, was this (emphasis mine): Baltimore fans accused you of turning your back when you signed with the Yankees in ’09. Has that relationship improved with [...]

Last night, the O’s held a 6-0 lead over the Boston Red Sox, with just 12 outs standing between them and a .500 record in mid-May. Fans of other teams who stumble upon this post may scoff at the use of the .500 barometer as something to strive for, but hey…we’re O’s fans. We’ve been [...]

Orioles rookie phenom lefty Zach Britton had his best outing to date (which is saying something) last night, pitching nine innings of 3-hit shutout ball. Britton issued zero walks and had five strikeouts in his dazzling performance. So, complete game shutout right? Wrong. The O’s bats were also stifled by Seattle lefty Jason Vargas, who [...]

Yesterday, I posted Lookalike: Mark Reynolds Edition, in which I said that the O’s new third baseman is nothing more than a blond-haired Garrett Atkins. Kevin over at Eutaw Street Hooligans took exception to the comparison, and penned a rebuttal on his site, which I am reposting in its entirety below. (Caution: Language) The Mark [...]