Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

On Twitter a few days ago, the “Angry Oriole Bird” (@AngryOrioleBird) posed this intriguing little question: Our answer? Right now. Reynolds, brought over from Arizona this offseason to add some pop to the lineup, has quickly become 2011′s version of Garrett Atkins for the O’s. While he hasn’t been quite as bad as the former [...]

Baltimore Sun Photo Anyone who caught last night’s O’s game will tell you that it was one of the weirdest games they’ve ever witnessed.  A quick sampling from the twitterverse: Stacey at Camden Chat summed it up thusly: The Orioles and Mariners combined for thirty-four hits, fifteen walks, and left twenty-seven men on base. What [...]

With the Orioles having lost 14 of their last 17 games and falling to 14-19 in thudding to the bottom of the American League East after a great 6-1 start, and with the team now collectively not being able to hit their way out of a wet paper bag, there is plenty to complain about. [...]

Some drunk dude ran on the field at Fenway earlier this week and got absolutely destroyed by a security guard. Tedy Bruschi would be proud. Rodney Harrison would wonder why the guy didn’t aim for the drunk’s head. And Tom Brady is still waiting for the flag to be thrown. Ok, enough Patriots jokes. I’m [...]

When I saw Michael Oher going off on twitter yesterday about character issues, I assumed it was in a general defense of new teammate Jimmy Smith.  However, I was mistaken.  Oher was actually aiming his tweets directly at ESPN’s Todd McShay, and not for his criticisms of Smith this year, but for his comments about [...]

Quite an anomaly in last night’s Oriole game. No, Nick Markakis didn’t hit a home run, unfortunately.  What did happen though, was even more surprising. That’s right, leading off the top of the 6th inning, Vlad Guerrero…walked. It was Vlad’s first base on balls this season and it came in his 116th at bat, a [...]

I know you’ve all missed Goob here during his 3-month hiatus since we went to Dallas for Super Bowl XLV. Well, fear not, because he’s back and ready to hand out his version of “grades” for the Ravens’ 2011 draft picks. What do you think of the Ravens’ picks? Let us know in the comments.