Saturday, April 18th, 2015

O’s Avoid Sweep in DC, Look to Beat Up on Pittsburgh


The Orioles finally scratched out a win Sunday afternoon against the Gnats, narrowly avoiding the three-game sweep at the hands of Washington. Despite racking up 40 hits during the series, the O’s could manage only 13 total runs and the single victory.

Friday night, they had 18 hits but only four runs, a historically awful night in terms of offensive efficiency. According to, the only other two times since 1919 that has happened were in 1935 and 1953. Oof.

It get’s better (worse). Some more tidbits from

More oddities from this game:

1. Both Nick Markakis (batting 2nd) and Adam Jones (3rd) had lines of 5-0-4-0. Batter games of 4+ hits with no runs or RBI are rare in themselves; there were only 2 such regulation games last year. But teammates doing it in the same game has happened just once before since 1919. And while it seems almost impossible that Markakis and Jones could have so many fruitless hits while batting consecutively, the other instance of this event had the same configuration, with Rod Carew and Fred Lynn.
2. Derek Lee, hitting 6th, had 5 hits and no RBI (1 run). That gives Baltimore 3 players with 4+ hits and no RBI — the first time that’s ever been done in the game-searchable era (1919-present). As you might guess, #4-5 hitters Matt Wieters and Luke Scott each went 0 for 5.
3. It’s the first time this year, and just the 4th time since 2009, that a team had 18+ hits in regulation and still lost.

The O’s now travel to Pittsburgh to face the suddenly-not-so-terrible Pirates (35-36, 3rd place in NL central).

DC to Pittsburgh? That’s like going from an armpit to a butthole, no?

Let’s go O’s. Beating up on Pittsburgh is fun for all seasons.

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