Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Joe Flacco Gets Hitched


Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco married his longtime girlfriend, Dana Grady. The two have been dating since Joe’s senior year at Audobon High School in New Jersey.

Flacco’s male and female fans alike are probably clamoring to see a photo of the new Mrs. Unibrow today, as Joe and Dana’s relationship has been 100% out of the public eye.

In fact, some internet sleuthing reveals that the only known (suspected?) photo of Dana is this one, taken at the Ravens Halloween party last year at Arundel Mills Mall, where Joe and Dana showed up as “The Situation” and “Snookie” from the MTV show “Jersey Shore.”

Supposedly, that’s Dana.

Way to go, Joe.

Now we only wonder how long it will be until a bunch of these start coming along:

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