Sunday, March 29th, 2015

According to the Twitter account of former Texans fullback Vonta Leach, the pro bowler is joining the Baltimore Ravens in 2011. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports the deal as 3 years, $11 million. Leach made the Pro Bowl last year as the lead blocker for Arian Foster, who racked up over 1600 yards [...]

On with Jim Rome this week, Derrick Mason had an interesting take on all of the flak that his former quarterback has been receiving this offseason. Have a listen: Mason is obviously speaking as a guy who realized he still has a chance to be catching more passes from Joe in the future, should he [...]

Word this morning is that Ravens’ first-round pick, cornerback Jimmy Smith from Colorado, has signed his contract. Several reporters have shared the news on twitter, including @RavensExaminer and @Ravensinsider. Smith even shared the news himself last night. With that, the Ravens have now signed each and every one of their draft picks. Smith, along with [...]

Join us live in the B’More Birds’ Nest Newsroom as Woody Jones and Goob report on the latest shocking round of cuts from the Ravens.

As they did last year, the Ravens are holding a free open practice session in downtown Baltimore at M&T Bank Stadium. The practice will take place on Saturday, August 6 at 10 AM. Gates open at 9 AM. Last year, it was a way to give those fans who – for whatever reason – are [...]

Well, it appears that the first phase, at least, of the Ravens’ salary cap purge has paid off. The team announced via their website that they have agreed to terms with tackle/guard Marshal Yanda. As Goob pointed out, Yanda should have been (and apparently was) the team’s #1 priority moving forward. Head Coach John Harbaugh [...]

Holy flying purple birds! The Ravens jumped into the truncated NFL offseason with both feet on Monday evening, making nearly an entire typical offseason’s worth of moves in a single night. In a day that many in Baltimore will forever remember as “Black Monday,” the Ravens cut ties with some old beloved favorites, reminding us [...]

Finally, our long NFL nightmare is over. After months and months of negotiations, annoying legal-jargon filled diatribes on our favorite sports websites, and posturing and hand-wringing by both sides, the NFL owners and players at long last agreed to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that will ensure no football is missed in 2011 (save [...]

We are extremely proud to announce that this season B’More Birds’ Nest will be partnering with the site that is unquestionably the premier destination for Ravens fans on the web, Ravens 24×7 ( If you’re a Ravens fan and you have a computer, there is little doubt that you are familiar with Tony Lombardi’s Ravens24x7. [...]

Yup, still locked out. Some reports indicate that this thing could end any moment. Others say it’s nowhere near that close. Then there’s shit like this, that just makes me want to punch myself in the groin repeatedly. /Owners Room Random rich asshole owner: Oh, ho hum, guvna, no reason to be in a big [...]