Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Derrick Mason: Flacco’s Critics are Scared, “Woke a Sleeping Giant”


On with Jim Rome this week, Derrick Mason had an interesting take on all of the flak that his former quarterback has been receiving this offseason. Have a listen:

Mason is obviously speaking as a guy who realized he still has a chance to be catching more passes from Joe in the future, should he resign here in Baltimore. As such, he would obviously never opt to pile on Joe and give any credence to what Woodley, Jones, and others said this past Spring. Not that – blow up in Carolina last year aside – Mase would have any reason to fault Joe, as he was the signal-caller’s favorite target from day one.

So what do you think? Are Joe’s critics just hating on him to “throw him off his block?”

I, for one, am certainly looking forward to seeing this sleeping giant that they supposedly unleashed. We may have even gotten a glimpse of him earlier this week, when Joe told reporters “I think I’m pretty damn good.

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