Friday, March 27th, 2015

The website, whose staff is in the business of analyzing every single snap of every single play of every NFL season, has a post up today that will likely raise some eyebrows around B’More. In a good way, that is. They named one of the Ravens’ outside linebackers as tops in the NFL at [...]

After seven consecutive losses to Evil Empire, Jr., the O’s finally pulled off a victory against the hated Red Sox on Tuesday night. Jeremy Guthrie went seven strong innings, allowing only two runs. He likely punched his ticket out of B’More with the trade deadline looming. If indeed this was Guthrie’s last hurrah in black [...]

Remember back in April at the NFL Draft when the Ravens basically had to skip their turn during the televised first round? They were scheduled to pick at #26 and we all waited with bated breath while the clock…ran out. Then suddenly it wasn’t their pick any more, and they were picking 27th. The Ravens [...]

In a related story, J.J. Hardy has been committed to a mental institution. Why a guy with Hardy’s skills, who could have tested the free agent waters after the season and likely signed a very lucrative contract with a team that has a chance to win this century would re-up with the Baltimore Orioles organization [...]

The Birds’ lone representative in last night’s Major League Baseball All Star Game, catcher Matt Wieters, went…well, full on “Oriole” during his first appearance in the Midsummer Classic. Entering the game in the bottom of the sixth, Wieters’ first inning behind the plate went off without a hitch as he caught Indians’ pitcher Chris Perez’s [...]

First things first: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Goob sure picked a hell of a weekend for us to be offline. Not only did we miss the Joe Flacco wedding pictures coming out and the Kevin Gregg-Big Sloppy bench clearing brawl in Boston, but we missed Hines Ward’s DUI and the Ray Rice-Ryan Clark Twitter war that followed. Hiney [...]

Like Joe Flacco’s wedding pictures, I realize I’m a few days late to the party on this one. Again, I was in Dewey Beach all weekend for Goob’s Bachelor Party, so I wasn’t able to post this immediately as I’d have liked to. Rest assured though, I was at the Starboard screaming my head off [...]

Sure, the lockout is still dragging on, but that didn’t stop Joe Flacco from holding an impromptu workout at his knot-tying last weekend. The bottle of champagne is a nice touch. Seriously, how can you not love our quarterback? There are some good comments on the Deadspin article, my favorite of which was about Flacco’s [...]

Over the weekend, the NFL Network finally got to the Top 10 portion of their “Top 100 Players of 2011″ list, which was voted on by NFL players. Two Ravens were not only in the Top 10, but were the highest two defensive players on the entire list. I’m sure you’ll have no problem guessing [...]