Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Goob’s Two Favorite Things, 311 and the Ravens, Come Together


In this interview promoting their new album, rock/ska band 311′s drummer Chad Sexton is sporting a Haloti Ngata Ravens jersey.

Sexton gives no explanation – in fact he says absolutely nothing during the interview at all – but no matter. I haven’t heard from Goob since this video was posted, so I am assuming that when he saw it his head spontaneously combusted out of happiness. He’s been to damn near as many 311 concerts in his life as he has Ravens games, so he can probably die a happy man after seeing this.

One thing though: Chad….CHAD. Dude. You can afford an authentic jersey, or at least one of the rip-off authentic ones. Nobody wears screen printed jerseys any more man. Come on. Haloti deserves better.

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