Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Rex Ryan and Gang Green come to M&T Bank Stadium this week for some Sunday Night Football action. The Ravens are riding high following their 37-7 shellacking of the St. Louis Rams, while the Jets are licking their wounds after being run over roughshod by Darren McFadden (171 yards) and the Oakland Raiders last week [...]

Honestly, I figured I was done with O’s posts for the season. The team could be making some big changes in the coming weeks, so the next O’s-related post I expected to write was of the “Andy MacPhail officially steps down” or “Buck Showalter is the new GM” variety. However, the team found themselves suddenly [...]

In this week’s GOOBVISION, Goob takes a look into his crystal ball to get a glipmse of the future of Rex Ryan, finds Rex on the trail of some not-so-sexy toes, and wonders why Mark Sanchez likes to date members of the prom committee.

In last week’s W.I.N. installment, we said that the Ravens would need to improve their passing game moving forward. Well, 389 passing yards and 3 aerial touchdowns later…mission accomplished. For now, anyway. The next step is obviously for the team to continue to improve, and show some consistency from week to week, not take a [...]

Last season, Goob won the DirecTV Ultimate Displaced Fan contest. His win produced what was easily one of the best weekends of either of our lives . We got to go to the Super Bowl in Dallas, where we hung out on Media Row with Ray Rice, Goob played in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl [...]

Late in the second quarter of Sunday’s 37-7 win over the Rams, Joe Flacco scrambled out of the pocket and ran out of bounds. It was at this point that the CBS cameras picked up a heinous instance of Raven-on-Raven crime. A blow-by-blow photographic analysis is presented below: Here we see Joe as he reaches [...]

The Ravens bounced back in a big way from their disappointing loss in Tennessee, crushing the overmatched Rams in St. Louis 37-7 yesterday, on the strength of not one, not two, but THREE first quarter Joe Flacco-to-Torrey Smith touchdown strikes. It was a hell of a coming out party for the rookie wide receiver from [...]

The Ravens’ wound-licking from the beating they took in Nashville finally comes to an end Sunday. Unfortunately for them, they find themselves facing a fellow wounded animal of a team in the winless St. Louis Rams. St. Louis nearly won the NFC West in 2010, and had hoped to take the next step in 2011; [...]

The Ravens haven’t played the Rams since back in ’07, when the Nest was in its infancy. As such, we’ve never had the pleasure of putting together Lookalikes! for the St. Louis squad. That is, until today! Let’s get to it: To stop the Rams on Sunday, the Ravens will have to deal with their [...]

This week, with the Ravens traveling to St. Louis, Goob takes a look at some adjustments that need to be “rammed” into the Ravens’ heads, playbooks, and…other places.