Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

With the Ravens handing the Steelers, the beat down of a lifetime on Sunday, it was the perfect ending to a weekend we will not soon forget here at the Nest. Enjoy some sights and sounds from Goob’s nuptials in beautiful Beaufort, North Carolina.

For the second consecutive year, the Ravens start off the season with one the previous season’s AFC Championship game participants. Last year, it was the New York Jets, who had fallen to the Colts for the right to play in Super Bowl XLIV. This year, it’s the Steelers coming to town, fresh off their Super [...]

Time to get started with another season of Lookalikes! here at the Nest. For previous Steelers versions, click any of the links below: Lookalikes! Steelers Xmas Villains Edition Lookalikes! Squealers Edition 2K9 Lookalikes! Squealers Edition 2K8 It’s been a couple years since we went through the ugly mugs on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ roster, so what [...]

Just like the Ravens don’t get any “warm-up” games this year, clashing with the division rival Steelers right off the bat, Goob is ready for NFL Kickoff Weekend and is in mid-season hating form as he rails against Pittsburgh fans. Great way to kick off the new season!

In 2010, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost a total of five games. Four of these came with Captain Rapey, Ben Roethlisberger, as the starting quarterback – the fifth was, of course, in Week 4 when the Ravens won in Pittsburgh against starting quarterback Charlie Batch. In three of those other four losses – all with Ben [...]

To kick off STEELERS SUCK week here at the Nest, we take a look back to one glorious day last February when the Steelers sucked enough to lose Super Bowl XLV to the Green Bay Packers. We were there to witness this amazing yellow and black loss in person, and to see all those stupid [...]

On Thursday, Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson’s training camp holdout came to an end, as he was rewarded with a four-year, $53.5M contract with $30M guaranteed. The former East Carolina Pirate, 26, leads the NFL in rushing yards since coming into the league in 2008. The impact of Johnson’s new contract will be felt [...]