Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

GOOBVISION: Undercover to Expose Bandwagon Steelers Fans


We kick off Steelers Week here at the Nest with this very special piece of investigative journalism from Goob. During the Ravens’ bye week, Goob went undercover to a Steelers bar down in Raleigh to talk to some towel wavers. He asked them some “tough” questions to try to expose them for the fairweather bandwagon riders they are, and the results were…well, see for yourself:

In honesty, all of these people seem very nice, and we wish them happy healthy lives. Of course, things would have probably went over a lot differently were Goob to have worn his signature Beak Hat and purple jersey. So let’s just hope those long aforementioned happy healthy lives involve LOTS of watching their beloved group of yellow-and-black-wearing criminals losing football games, specifically to the purple and black, and especially this coming Sunday night.


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  1. Realist says:

    6 thumbs up.

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