Friday, March 27th, 2015

An article in The Baltimore Sun by Ravens columnist Mike Preston has people in Ravenstown all worked up this morning. Nothing new there. For once, though, our anger isn’t directed at Preston himself for some perceived shot at our favorite team. Rather, it is our team themselves who have us foaming at the mouths – [...]

When Drew Carey took over “The Price is Right” hosting duties from the legendary Bob Barker, that was all Goob needed to forever hate that place. Did you see the Cleveland fan that posted a video yelling at Browns Stadium for being a “factory of sadness?” Well, we think the stadium deserves a chance to [...]

The Baltimore Ravens slogan, or team motto, if you will, for 2011 is “Relentless.” Which is exactly how San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith would likely describe the Baltimore defense were you to ask him about it this morning. The Ravens tied a franchise record with nine sacks, harassing Smith as well as bottling up [...]

Just like when they were kids…

The HarBowl is finally upon us, Baltimore. A game that looked to be a cake win when the schedule first came out is now anything but, as John’s brother and ex-Ravens quarterback Jim has his San Francisco team riding high on an 8-game winning streak. The 49ers can actually clinch a playoff spot with a [...]

As Goob pointed out, the San Francisco 49ers roll into town this week looking like a mirror image of the Ravens in a lot of ways. More accurately, though, they look a lot like the Ravens USED to look. The slow, plodding, yet efficient ball-control offense headed up by a game managing quarterback and solidified [...]

Lost in the John vs. Jim hype of the HarBowl is the game between the actual teams on Thanksgiving, which promises to be one for the ages. Back in the Summer, many fans circled their calendars lured by the first time ever NFL faceoff between two brothers standing on opposite sidelines as head coaches. Now [...]

It’s not like Ray Lewis to give up an opportunity to step in front of the microphones. Especially when his team is 7-3 and sitting atop the AFC. And not when the Ravens are about to play in a nationally televised game that is being hyped in the media to no end. These are the [...]

Goob trades in his beer is double fisted this week, with a turkey leg to go along with his signature beer-in-hand, as he brings you a preview of Thanksgiving night’s Ravens-49ers “Harbowl!” Feast your eyes on some Goobvision.

The Ravens used a 31-7 scoring run between the second quarter and the start of the fourth to overcome poor play to start and finish the game, hanging on in the final seconds to beat a very scrappy Cincinnati Bengals team by a final of 31-24. Unlike so many Ravens-Bengals games in the past that [...]