Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

It was pointed out to me that both of the Ravens’ two losses this season came on weeks where I didn’t post a game preview for that opponent. As a result, I’m not going to miss any more weeks this year. However, since this is just a superstitious video, it won’t have any of the [...]

The Ravens head to Seattle this week to take on Pete Carroll’s squad as well as the famous “12th man” crowd at Qwest Field. The last time the Ravens made this trip, they were smacked around by Matt Hasselbeck (hey, sound familiar?) as Troy Smith made his first NFL start, and I was inspired to [...]

Our friends over at Maryland’s Team have come up with a great new design for Ravens fans to represent Terrell Suggs and Ball So Hard University! They are also offering a special discount for readers of B’More Birds’ Nest! When you check out, enter code BMBN10BSHU, and they will take 10% off a presale order [...]

Want more information about T-Sizzle’s Alma mater, Ball So Hard University? Look no further….

According to several reports, as the Ravens were getting ready to take the field for what would ultimately end up being the game-winning touchdown drive, the scoreboards at Heinz field flashed side-by-side pictures of Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger, along with their stats through the game’s first 57-plus minutes. No harm there. Ben had, indeed, [...]

For Ravens rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith, Sunday Night was one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride in Pittsburgh. He had a huge hand in his team’s very first, and very last, offensive plays; both of which initially appeared to be touchdowns. The first, a Ray Rice 76-yard run, was of course called back [...]

On the Ravens’ very first place from scrimmage Sunday night, Ray Rice took the handoff from Joe Flacco, ran right, cut back left, slipped a Troy Polamalu tackle, and was off to the races for what appeared to be a game-opening 76-yard touchdown run reminiscent of the one he had in the playoff game in [...]

A slightly intoxicated Goob gives his thoughts on the Ravens SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP of the Steelers. It tastes so damn good. Update: Welp, this one had a short shelf life. If you were lucky enough to see it while it was out there, consider yourself among the lucky. The rest of you will just have to wait [...]

Once again the Ravens and Steelers clash with the AFC North title seemingly on the line. Even though it’s early November (way to go, NFL Schedule makers), and with all due respect to the 5-2 Cincinnati Bengals, doesn’t it just feel like yet another playoff-type game between these two heavyweights? They say “the records don’t [...]

Here in Baltimore, we’re lucky enough to have one of the best owners not only in the NFL, but in all of sports. Steve Bisciotti is local to the area (grew up in Severna Park), a Baltimore fan through and through, lets his football people do their jobs (instead of meddling like that midget down [...]