Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Joe Flacco and Wife Expecting First Child


Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times confirmed with Joe Flacco that he and his wife are expecting their first child.

After a nine year relationship, Flacco and his high school sweetheart, Dana Grady, tied the knot with a private ceremony in Philadelphia last July.

Football fans got a sneak-peek into the life of the typically reserved Ravens quarterback. His wedding pictures were so unique that they went viral throughout major websites both sports and non-sports related.

Flacco has been making headlines as of late not only for his consistent play on the field but for his well manicured Fu Manchu mustache for charity. Mixing the popularity of the Flacco-stache’ along with the Ravens success, Flacco’s popularity may be at an all time high.

The gender of the child will not be revealed because the Dana and Joe want it to remain a surprise; however, it may not stop them from releasing sonogram pictures. Seeing how the couple already gave Ravens fans a glimpse into their wedding, should we assume the same could be said about Baby Flacco?

With the finest in high-definition cameras now available for sonograms, images of unborn children are as popular as family pets now on Facebook. If the picture is released, this futuristic image of Baby Flacco may be showing up on your wall…


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