Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Baltimore, GET UP!


Finishing up our series of pump up videos for the first home playoff game in five years, here’s one from the guys at B’More Get Up Gametime. Featuring cameos from famous Ravens fans like Captain Defense and the Purple Dame, it’s a bit of an oldie compared to the others (2009), but still a goodie.

Houston, you’re in the wrong place…at the right time.

Also, the generic/non-purple cheerleaders/dance team always crack me up.


One Response to “Baltimore, GET UP!”
  1. Justin says:

    We have used this as a pregame pump every game since the 09 Ravens Steelers overtime game (when we sang this song with appropriately reworded lyrics of PAUL KRUGER GET UP!)

    We blast this every week as part of our rituals… glad to see it made it in!

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