Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Adam Jones has Crazy Orange and Black Cleats


This morning, O’s center fielder Adam Jones tweeted (no surprise there) a picture of his spring training cleats, and they are…well, they’re something to see. Have a look:

SimplyAJ10: Rockin the Camos

So, according to Adam, that design is supposed to be camouflage. I dunno, looks a bit pixelated to me…maybe camouflage that you would see in a hunting game for an old Atari or original Nintendo system?

Not sure I’m a fan, but I’m sure lots of O’s faithful would love to get their hands on a pair of these – or on a copycat sneaker. What do you think about AJ’s footwear fashion sense?


4 Responses to “Adam Jones has Crazy Orange and Black Cleats”
  1. Dennis says:

    original nes, so these are duck hunt cleats?

  2. NortheastShoeDawg says:

    Looks like a Pedroia wanna-be. Pedroia rocked Camo the past two years…

    These shoes look like a can of paint was split on them…not sure what to make of them. A technicolor burp of some sort. Look like shit.

  3. ballTILyouFALL says:

    swagger-jack’n new balance harder than ronnie did to paulie D….

  4. OrioleForLife says:

    I like them. I want a pair of those! They look sweet! Go O’s!!!

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