Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Patton Motivational Speech for the O’s


The guys over at Section 388 do an O’s webcast, some past highlights of which include asking Ray Lewis to come motivate the local baseball team.

This time, they got really creative and reenacted the motivational speech scene from the movie “Patton” with an eye toward lighting a fire under the O’s and fans like us.

Give it a watch, and get pumped for Opening Day!

We’re gonna kick the hell out of them all the time, and we’re going to go through them like crap through a goose!


2 Responses to “Patton Motivational Speech for the O’s”
  1. Johnson says:

    What a great motivator! We need more fans like this out there. Rally those fans and kick some Yankee ass! Go O’s!

  2. Trey says:

    This is AWESOME! I’m pumped up now! O-R-I-O-L-E-S ORIOLES!!

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