Monday, April 20th, 2015

Billy Ripken – stickler for alphabetical order


Though the O’s only pulled into a tie for first last night with the New York Yankees – rather than passing them – MLB Network’s Billy Ripken couldn’t help but move the O’s ahead of the Skanks on the big board, citing “alphabetical order.”

Ripken and colleague Harold Reynolds (both former Orioles, of course) couldn’t stop singing the praises of Buck’s Birds last night, several times calling them the biggest story in baseball. Reynolds went so far as to suggest that they are the biggest story in sports.

This in stark contrast to ESPN, of course, who would rather the O’s (and any team not named Yankees or Red Sox for that matter) be off the board completely.

Though this was a nice touch by the four letter network last night on their home page:

“The chase is over” huh? On September 5?

Anybody else get the feeling that they’re trying to jinx us?

Anyway, thanks Billy.

P.S. That bird is by far the most gorgeous logo on the board, and it’s not close.

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